June 07, 2012 - OOCL is pleased to announce that we have successfully received certification on the accuracy and transparency of our environmental data disclosure which reflects our commitment to a high standard of data integrity and information management.   The audit was conducted by The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Consulting, a U.S. based consultancy firm, using the internationally recognized and accepted Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) verification standard to check for a vessel’s carbon dioxide and sulphur oxides emissions. 

The audit also verified the accuracy of our OOCL Carbon Calculator, a comprehensive online tool used by our customers to track carbon footprint levels in their supply chains.  In providing an overall assessment of the audit, ABS Consulting concluded that:  “Based on the results of the verification process, we are satisfied that the data collected from the vessels for submission to the CCWG are materially correct; and that they have been derived by using the Environmental Performance Metrics Assessment (EPMA) tool and the CO2 Calculation Methodology of the CCWG.  These calculations also underpin the OOCL Carbon Calculator, the methodology, accuracy and working of which was duly verified during the course of this audit.”

Upon receiving the certificate, Mr. Stephen Ng, Director of Corporate Planning of OOCL, said: “We are very delighted and proud to receive our certification that verifies the high level of accuracy, transparency and credibility in our environmental data disclosure to our stakeholders.  As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe this verification reinforces and improves our sustainability profile and helps meet the needs of our customer’s environmental objectives.  This certification has also proven the hard work our colleagues have put into maintaining the integrity of our system and I would like to recognize their teamwork in this important project.”

Representatives from OOCL and ABS Consulting celebrate the occasion as Mr. Stephen Ng, Director of Corporate Planning of OOCL (6th person from the left) receives the certificate from Mr. Richard Pride, President and COO - Greater China Division of ABS Consulting (5th person from the right).

The CCWG is an environmentally-focused body comprised of 30 major multinational shippers and carriers dedicated to environmental performance improvements in marine container transport through measurement, evaluation, and reporting. In today’s business environment, almost everyone up and down the supply chain, from the manufacturers to retailers, are becoming more aware of their business effects on the environment and are looking for ways to accurately keep track and reduce their carbon footprint.  Being an integral part in that effort, OOCL is dedicated to helping our customers meet their environmental targets and with this certification, we hope to give them a high level of confidence in our data and a peace-of-mind that goes with quantifying their environmental assessments.

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