June 11, 2012  - Orient Overseas (International) Limited (‘OOIL’) is pleased to announce the launch of our first annual Sustainability Report, signifying an important milestone in our sustainable development agenda and demonstrating our long-term commitment to corporate sustainability, transparency and accountability.  This report covers the significant environmental, economic and social aspects of the business arising from the principal activities of OOIL and its subsidiaries (the ‘Group’). 

In the development of this report, some key initiatives taken by the Group to improve our sustainability performance include implementing an open stakeholder engagement process and combining our approaches to environmental management, economic development, and social responsibility into a more coherent structure to help us better understand and identify the focus areas towards our long-term Sustainability Strategy. 

This Strategy has now become an integral part of our corporate decision-making process by taking into account of key sustainability areas including environmental, social, corporate governance, safety, security, and health issues. 

By turning our words into action, OOIL’s container shipping business arm, Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd (‘OOCL’), has over the years taken significant measures to help reduce the carbon footprint in the global supply chain.  We have adopted clean technologies to reduce emissions in all our newest and upcoming delivery of mega vessels, an important aspect of our business that our stakeholders take very seriously in meeting their own sustainability objectives. 

In the launching of this report, Mr. C. C. Tung, Chairman of OOIL said: “As a responsible corporate citizen, the OOIL Group places the utmost importance on high standards of performance in environmental, social and corporate governance.  We are committed to meeting our long-term sustainable development goals, and making the world a better place to live for ourselves and future generations.  I cannot emphasize enough how important this commitment serves as a foundation on which we conduct all our business activities to ensure a sustainable future for the Group and our stakeholders.”

Our commitment to sustainability has already received recognition from the community. As an active participant in engaging sustainability issues with our stakeholders, the Group’s efforts were recognized through our listing in the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index.  Since the inception of the Index in 2010, to which our Group was one of its founding constituents, we have remained a proud member and received an “A” rating for our overall corporate sustainability performance in 2011, placing us in the top 30 among the 638 participating listed companies in Hong Kong and mainland China.

With this report and community recognition, it has further enhanced our efforts to promote sustainability throughout the whole Group and elevated our corporate social responsibility profile to a higher level.  Going forward, we are committed to meeting international standards on all our sustainability goals and objectives and taking a leadership role in our global community of socially responsible corporate citizens.

The Sustainability Report 2011 was prepared with reference to the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 2006 reporting framework (G3) and is available on our website HERE.

Orient Overseas (International) Limited (“OOIL”), a company with total revenues in excess of US$6.0 billion, has principal business activities in container transport and logistics services. Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, the OOIL Group has more than 270 offices in 60 countries.

Orient Overseas Container Line Limited, operating under the trade name OOCL, OOIL’s wholly owned subsidiary, is one of the world’s largest integrated international transportation and logistics companies, and is one of Hong Kong’s most recognized global brands. OOCL is one of the leading international carriers serving China, providing the full range of logistics and transportation services throughout the country. It is also an industry leader in the use of information technology and e-commerce to manage the entire cargo transport process.

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