Hanjin Shipping Company has won the ‘Port Dues Award 2009”, an annual award issued by the Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) for the best exchange of vessel and cargo information between agents and the port authority. The data are used to calculate and collect the port dues, for management purposes and to calculate throughput figures and other statistical data sets.

The award especially aims to express appreciation and therefore has the modest form of a certificate. It was handed over by Mr Jaap Sinke, Business Manager Containers of PoR, to Mr C.Y. Kang, Managing Director of Hanjin, who also enjoyed his farewell party.

Well-oiled machine
According to Mrs Joan Spee, Head of the Port Dues Department of PoR, the award is granted to Hanjin because “The contacts between our department and Hanjin are minimal. This sounds strange but there is only one explanation to it: it is a well-oiled machine. She describes the method of working of Hanjin as follows:

“Data are submitted (via the portbase port community system) correct and on time, reminders are not necessary.

Sailing schedules are always submitted without having to request fort hem.

Advices are followed after the first visit of verification.

Dossiers are kept well from the beginning on.

All cooperation in the verification procedure.

Control by the agency itself.

Essentially, the award stands for administrative excellence. Hanjin meets the criteria for it completely” says Spee. 

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