Wide support for sustainable process technology

Plant One provides Rotterdam’s port and industrial complex with a unique facility for demonstrating innovative, sustainable process technology. New technologies for lowering the consumption of energy and raw materials or applying clean raw materials, can be demonstrated here both quickly and cost effectively on a pre-industrial scale. This means that it will take the industry less time to make the move towards more sustainable production processes.

The project was initiated by Deltalinqs and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Feasibility studies were possible thanks to the wide support from the Rotterdam Climate Initiative, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the province of South Holland. Plant One will be able to contribute to the objective of halving CO2  emissions in Rotterdam. From mid-2010, Plant One will be serving the process industry with facilities for trial and demonstration installations.

Plant One can be seen as the first step after the lab, en route to market launch: it facilitates new technologies from the laboratory on their way to actual application in large-scale industrial production facilities (or ‘plants’). In this way, the company reduces the risk of investments in new sustainable technologies and shortens the ‘time-to-market’ of innovations.

Plant One enjoys wide support and cooperation from the government and business world. Together, they are putting up € 2.2 million to make the launch possible. The operational partners, Carbon Stars and TNO, will start preparations for Plant One very soon. It will be accommodated on the Huntsman site in the Botlek. 

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