Recently, SINOTRANS Shandong Co., Ltd Dongying Branch managed to deliver drilling rig 70 to Kuwait for Sinopec Shengli Oil Field. Despite tight schedule, arduous task and severe test, Dongying Branch managed to finish the warehouse-in, container gate-in, application to customs, shipping and sea transport unloading of 12636 drilling rig with considerate planning, full preparation and utmost efforts as well as the correct leadership and support of SINOTRANS Shandong Co., Ltd.

Impacted by typhoon “Morakot” and other weather conditions, the ship was delayed when returning to China, which might cause the postponement of construction. According to contract, Shengli Oil Field should ensure the ship to arrive in Kuwait Port by Sep. 30, or else it will face huge daily cost, and Kuwait will deny the service of China logistics service, which would make Dongying Branch lose the market of Shengli Oil Field. In addition, since the goods entrusted by Shengli Oil Field were 1768 cubic meters larger than booked shipping space, there was the risk that the goods could not be shipped at one time. If the complete set of equipment cannot be delivered by the same batch, the drilling rig will not be used for construction after being delivered to Kuwait. In face of huge pressure, Dongying Branch braved challenges to overcome difficulties.

During inland transshipment, Shengli Oil Field delivered nearly 180 vehicles of goods within four days. In response to this, Dongying Branch arranged the warehouse-in and goods collection at port in advance. With over 50 vehicles of goods being collected at port every day, no vehicle was detained and the whole set of drilling rig was safely delivered to the warehouse for goods to be delivered to foreign countries at New Port.

The ship arrived at New Port on Aug. 30. When shipping started on Sep. 2, Dongying Branch arranged people to monitor the shipping around the clock, coordinated with shipowner, chief mate and captain, and employed a senior captain to guide the loading of the drilling rig. Besides, Shengli Oil Field also dispatched drilling engineers to involve in loading. After constant measurement, calculation, design and communication, all equipments were sucessfully loaded. At 11 am of Sep. 5, the ship set sail full-loaded. Dongying Branch coordinated with ship owner to make Kuwait as the first stop and steered the ship at the largest speed on the basis of ensuring the safety of the ship and goods. Finally, the ship arrived at Shuaiba Port of Kuwait using only 24.5 days at sea. Before the ship arrived at Shuaiba Port, Dongying Branch coordinated with shipping company and its agent in Kuwait, and arranged the work at Kuwait port and customs in advance, so as to avoid the ship to wait because of port congestion. At 2 am on Sep. 30 (local time), with the excellent coordination with local port by ship agent, the ship was directly moored at the port 30 minutes after arriving at it. And with the cooperation and efforts of Shengli Oil Field Kuwait Project Team and International Engineering Co., Ltd, all the goods were unloaded within three days on Oct. 2. The whole delivery took 28 days in total, which saved time for the construction of Shengli Oil Field Kuwait Project to the greatest extent.

The efficient service of Dongying Branch was acclaimed by Shengli Oil Field and Kuwait. Moreover, it became a gift contributed by Dongying Branch for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the P.R.C, displaying the strength and credit of SINOTRANS at critical moment.


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