(LONG BEACH, Calif.; June 9, 2009) Crowley Maritime Corporation christened Friday the sixth of 10 new 185,000-barrel Articulated Tug-Barge (ATB) tank vessels that the company will take delivery of by the end of 2010. To date, Crowley’s existing ATB fleet has carried approximately 193,432,788 barrels without a spill.

During ceremonies held at Pier D, Paula Taylor, wife of Bill Taylor, Crowley vice president, bulk petroleum and chemical transportation, christened the 9,280 HP-tug Commitment, while Brenda Lawrence, wife of Bill Lawrence, Chartering Specialist for BP Shipping USA, christened barge 650-6.

The vessels were designed and built by Crowley's technical services group at VT Halter and is being operated by Crowley's petroleum services group.  Crowley already has nine ATBs in operation and has announced plans to build three larger 750-series (330,000-barrel capacity) ATBs for delivery by the middle of 2012. Once all vessels are received, the fleet will stand at 17.

The following chart represents vessel currently in operation and a schedule of those yet to come.

Vessel Name - Capacity - In Service Date

Sea Reliance/550-1 - 155,000 barrels - 2002
Sound Reliane/550-2 - 155,000 barrels - 2002
Ocean Reliance/550-3 - 155,000 barrels - 2002
Coastal Reliance/550-4 - 155,000 barrels - 2003
Pacific Reliance/650-1 - 185,000 barrels - 2006
Gulf Reliance/650-2 - 185,000 barrels - 2006
Resolve/650-3 - 185,000 barrels - 2007
Integrity/650-4 - 185,000 barrels - 2008
Courage/650-5 - 185,000 barrels - 2008
Commitment/650-6 - 185,000 barrels - 2009
Pride/650-7 - 185,000 barrels - 2009
Achievement/650-8 - 185,000 barrels - 2009
Innovation/650-9 - 185,000 barrels - 2010
Vision/650-10 - 185,000 barrels - 2010
Legacy/750-1 - 330,000 barrels - 2011
Legend/750-2 - 330,000 barrels -2012
Liberty/750-3 - 330,000 barrels - 2012

For more information on the ATBs including their history with Crowley and safety features please see the first edition of Crowley’s Connections magazine by clicking here.

Jacksonville-based Crowley Holdings Inc., a holding company of the 117-year-old Crowley Maritime Corporation, is a privately held family and employee-owned company that provides diversified transportation and logistics services in domestic and international markets by means of six operating lines of business: Puerto Rico/Caribbean Liner Services, Latin America Liner Services, Logistics Services, Petroleum Services, Marine Services and Technical Services. Offered within these operating lines of business are the following services: liner container shipping, logistics, contract towing and transportation; ship assist and escort; energy support; salvage and emergency response; vessel management; vessel construction and naval architecture; government services, and petroleum and chemical transportation, distribution and sales. Additional information about Crowley its subsidiaries and business units may be found on the Internet at www.crowley.com.

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