A pioneer in the development and provision of eco-containers for its customers, the CMA CGM Group has just acquired another 18,000 new units, bringing its eco-container fleet to nearly 140,000 teus.

Protecting the environment is one of the company’s core objectives, as evidenced by the many actions taken to minimise the impact of the Group’s activities and to support development of new ever more economic and eco-friendly solutions for its customers.

For many years, the Group has been studying and implementing numerous innovative solutions to improve the eco-performance of a container.

- Floors: since 2005 the Group has been offering customers containers with bamboo floors. The result of a collaboration between CMA CGM and one of its main customers, these containers meet two objectives: to limit the use of wood from primary forest and to improve the technical qualities of the containers. Today more than 10% of the Group’s fleet is equipped with this type of flooring. What’s more, the Group is currently testing new synthetic resin flooring.
- Steel: CMA CGM owns 4,500 Light Steel containers made from strong high tensile steel, which saves 550 kg on a high-cube’s tare weight without compromising its structural qualities.
- Motors: the Group has invested in 3,500 containers fitted with low energy-use motors, reducing electricity and fuel consumption by up to three times. It has also equipped 15,000 standard reefers with software to optimise energy consumption, that’s 20% of the Group’s reefer fleet.
- Paint-work: the Group is currently testing a new water-based paint on some 3,000 containers which will cut VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions by over 90%.

“The CMA CGM Group is still leading the way in development of eco-containers. We were the first to develop bamboo floors and are constantly on the look out for new technologies, such as the new water-based paint. The Group’s primary aim is to reduce the footprint of its activity on the environment while offering customers solutions that are adapted to their needs,” explains Alexis Michel, Senior Vice-President Container Logistics at the CMA CGM Group and a member of its Environment Committee.


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