Wilhelmsen Ships Service provides a full range of shipping, logistics and maritime services in China via Wilhelmsen Huayang Ships Service Co., Ltd, a joint venture with Huayang Maritime Centre, which is owned by China’s Maritime Bureau. The company’s comprehensive network of offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Xingang and Ningbo serviced almost 1,000 port calls on behalf of some 150 principals in 2008.

The Chinese team prides itself on contributing to its customers’ operational efficiency by fully delivering on its promises, offering a full range of services that include Unitor safety products, technical services, safety and refrigeration, ships agency services and maritime logistics.

The Chinese team has the expertise and experience to handle specialised cargoes and vessels. Its team can handle all types of vessels from container ships, car and ro-ro carriers, tankers and bulk carriers to LNG vessels. It is also equipped to handle specialised project cargoes such as cars, “high and heavy” cargo such as lorries, buses and tractors, as well as non-containerised cargo such as machinery and equipment.

At Marintec, Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s Chinese team is exhibiting its R-22 Refrigerant changeover capability, a necessary service resulting from the ban, from 31st December 2009, on the top up of any refrigeration systems containing R-22 or other ozone depleting HCFC refrigerants.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s Chinese team is also showcasing its knowledge and specialisation in cargo hold cleaning. The Chinese team has clinched contracts with various charterers to provide cargo hold cleaning chemicals, and has a sizable number of bulk carrier clients that are using its cargo hold cleaning solutions to enable their vessels reach their next destinations on time, with holds that are certified clean and ready for next cargo.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s cargo hold cleaning solution helps customers by reducing considerable time for cleaning and gives operators increased revenue by improving port turnaround times. Besides cost savings, China-based customers choose Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s cargo hold cleaning solutions because it improves safety and ease of operations.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service is also targeting Chinese customers with its Liferaft Rental initiative for all types of vessels, which swops service-due liferafts and life-saving appliances for operational ones. With a one-point contact, the service eliminates having to deal with numerous small contacts, while due date monitoring reduces owners’ chances of getting caught by unforeseen service dates. Fixed pricing also makes budgeting easy and predicable. By allowing operators to avoid a big initial investment in liferaft, the service arms them with better cost control and simple, easy control of their equipment.

The China office is aiming to promote an initiative aimed at the high level of newbuilds completing in 2009. Known as “Solutions for a Lifetime”, the initiative focuses on the importance of recognising the continued requirements of newbuilds to be supplied with the highest quality of products and services from the earliest construction stages through the life of the ship until scrapping. The initiative uses a unique Product Selector tool which enables newbuilding managers to compile an Initial Supply Package within the total Wilhelmsen Ships Service offer. Finding the right match of products with its accessories and consumables as well as compliance with rules and regulations is all taken care of.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service is part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen group company. It has the world’s leading maritime services network, with the ability to service 2 200 ports in 115 countries. The company’s main focus is to deliver improved vessel operating efficiency to the merchant fleet. In 2008 the company made 208 000 product deliveries to 21 000 vessels and handled 53 000 port calls. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has 4 400 employees operating out of 310 offices in 71 countries. For more information, see www.wilhelmsen.com/shipsservice

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