Pink tractors raises funds for the National Australian Breast Cancer Foundation.

New Holland, the global agricultural and construction equipment maker, commissioned WWL to paint five of its new compact tractors pink as part of the equipment maker's drive to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia.

The WWL team dissembled, painted and reassembled the tractors at its specialist technical services facility in Port Kembla, the closest specialist industrial port to Sydney, Australia.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation will receive a $1000 (AUSD) donation from New Holland for each tractor sold.

Breast cancer is the most invasive cancer diagnosed in Australian women and it is the leading cause of cancer related deaths in women.

Craig Heron, Vice President, Technical Services, WWL said: "Supporting the New Holland Pink Tractor Campaign is important to us and our employees who gave their time and services free of charge to help fight breast cancer. We are keen to support our customers in meaningful initiatives like this."

John Boardman, Vehicle Processing Manager, WWL Sydney, said: "Breast cancer is diagnosed in 36 women every day in Australia. My team were keen to support the New Holland initiative as many of them know an individual who has had breast cancer or is undergoing treatment for it."

The New Holland Pink Tractor Campaign will see the tractors on display at agricultural shows across Australia in the forthcoming months.

WWL handles a significant amount of important high and heavy RoRo equipment for customisation through its vehicle processing centres in Brisbane, Port Kembla, Melbourne and Fremantle with automotive processing capacity at select locations.

'Think Pink' is a joint initiative between New Holland Agriculture and National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) which aims to increase awareness of breast cancer in rural Australia and raise funds towards research and support services provided by the Foundation.

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