Yusen Terminals Inc. (YTI), a wholly owned subsidiary of NYK, has announced completion of the first tenant-installed solar project at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA). The pilot system, installed in cooperation with NYK Trading Corporation and designed by SeaPort Energy, will produce about 11,800 kWh/year using only 96 modules.

This represents an emissions reduction equal to planting 5.7 acres of trees each year. Real-time power generation monitoring is now available on the environmental page of the YTI website (http://www.yti.com).

The "CIS" solar photovoltaic cells, produced by Solar Frontier K.K., are considered to be environment-friendly "next-generation PV modules" because they use no silicon. Copper, indium and selenium are the major components of CIS solar cells. The CIS solar cells provide the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency of all thin-film modules as a result of their excellent absorption of available light.
YTI's pilot project was installed adjacent to the wharf to demonstrate the durability of the CIS solar modules in a saltwater maritime environment.
YTI's solar installation represents another first for YTI in environmental progress. YTI was the first, and is the only, container terminal to maintain ISO14001 certification, receiving its original certification in 2003, and was also the first to implement direct ship-to-shore Alternative Maritime Power™ (AMP™), which has been used since November 2007.
YTI's project also supports the POLA 5 year commitment to install 10 megawatts of solar power within the port complex.
This project demonstrates YTI's continuing environmental leadership and commitment to make our port environment a better, cleaner, and safer place to live and work.

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