Trade intelligence firm offers more detailed bill of lading information on U.S. exports.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (March 4, 2013) - Zepol Corporation, the leading trade intelligence company, announced today that they have launched phase two of their U.S. export bill of lading database, TradeIQ Export. The company launched phase one in August and, after much collaboration with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has completed phase two. TradeIQ Export previously included export data for four carriers, but now includes data for 20 carriers. Zepol plans to add even more carriers to the database soon. Users can currently search through over 2 million bills of lading, with thousands more being added daily.

"Zepol was a pioneer over a decade ago with import data and our latest export update continues that trend today," says Zepol's CEO Paul Rasmussen. "As one of the top requests we receive from customers, offering more U.S. export data is a big step forward for our company and customers. We look forward to being the leader in this space and have more exciting enhancements planned for this product in the near future."

 TradeIQ Export makes it easy for subscribers to view who is exporting from the United States, what products are being exported, and what countries are receiving the goods. The information is used to generate new sales leads, view competitors' export activities, and analyze the current marketplace. The interface has multiple search fields, Excel downloads, trending, and more, allowing users to efficiently view and extract exactly the information they need in order to make informed business decisions.

 TradeIQ Export contains bills of lading that are received directly from U.S. Customs and represent all data available electronically. Users are able to view export shipments within weeks after the shipments depart from the United States. To try Zepol's tools, click here for a Free Trial or visit

About Zepol Corporation:

Zepol is a Minnesota-based company that works to be the leading provider of online international-trade tools to companies and governments involved in importing into and exporting from North America. Zepol provides competitive intelligence, market research, lead generation, sourcing, and trade compliance to positively impact organizations' profitability. Zepol does all this with its four unique online subscription tools: TradeIQ Import and Export, TradeView, and ComplianceIQ.

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