Since the beginning of 2009, BNSF has created 23 new intermodal services and established improved performance transit times on 45 different lanes.

These enhancements were developed in direct response to feedback solicited from customers, providing customers with even more reliable freight transportation service and overall value. BNSF leads the industry in velocity with service that is about 20 percent faster than any other carrier and an on-time performance record of better than 94 percent. Its expansive network and state-of-the-art intermodal facilities help customers take advantage of the cost and time savings, as well as the environmental benefits associated with intermodal shipping.

"We are committed to being the first and best choice for intermodal transport and can only do that by continually making service improvements based on customer needs," said Steve Branscum, group vice president, Consumer Products. "Opening new markets, increasing velocity and working closely with our customers are just a few of the reasons why BNSF is the largest intermodal carrier in North America."

BNSF has seen historic service levels throughout 2009 and anticipates further demand moving forward. To ensure the railway has the ability to reliably handle additional shipments this year, BNSF has improved processes while adding new lanes to new markets. including:

Premium container service

• Houston to/from Chicago
• Kansas City, Kan., to Phoenix
• St. Louis to/from Stockton, Calif.
• Atlanta to Phoenix

Expedited container service

• Chicago to/from San Bernardino, Calif.
• Chicago to/from Denver
• Kansas City to/from San Bernardino
• Los Angeles to/from Chicago
• Los Angeles to/from Atlanta
• Los Angeles to/from Memphis, Tenn.

Expedited trailer service

• Los Angeles to/from Atlanta
• Los Angeles to/from Orlando, Fla.
• Los Angeles to Albuquerque, N.M.

In addition to improved intermodal service on the main line, BNSF is updating intermodal customer service online by adding new tools that help customers identify specific offerings to best meet their needs. To allow shippers to see exactly how the new and improved intermodal services will move their product through the supply chain, BNSF created a free online Intermodal Transit Advisor that provides information on available routes, cutoff and availability times, transit time and miles between origin and destination by modes of transport.

BNSF also provides an Intermodal Savings Estimator that analyzes route information and provides a custom report showing cost savings of BNSF intermodal shipping compared to highway shipping.

For companies concerned about their impact on the environment, BNSF has created a Carbon Estimator. This online tool provides an estimate of a company's transportation carbon footprint for its BNSF rail shipments, and it allows customers to compare their carbon footprint size to what it would be if they shipped by truck alone.

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