(Berlin/Essen/Hong Kong, 7 July 2010) For the fast implementation of new trends in the exclusive fashion retail sector, the team from DB SCHENKERskybridge has developed a new box for the transport of clothing suspended from garment hangers. The new boxes can be folded for return transport to Asia in ocean freight containers and reused several times. DB SCHENKERskybridge is a solution combining air and ocean freight, cutting transport times by 30 to 50 percent in comparison to straight ocean freight, while CO2 is reduced by up to 50 percent versus shipping the goods the entire distance via air freight. The service also saves cost 30 to 50 percent compared to air freight.

Clothing and textiles must be delivered to the point of sale ready to wear and in immaculate condition. The transport of exclusive textiles from the manufacturer to the boutique or department store on hangers also dispenses with the need for additional preparation, with corresponding reductions in costs. "We originally developed these boxes ourselves for one of our major customers," stresses Janaka De Silva, Director - Fashion Retail, Schenker (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. "They are specially made for us. The boxes go to Europe packed and they come back to Asia folded from Hamburg regularly." The cardboard boxes can be used on the route from Asia to Europe up to five times. Afterwards, the cardboard can easily be recycled, also into new cardboard boxes, in a real loop.

Each garment is transported on a hanger and wrapped in special foil. This careful form of transport protects the garments from ugly creases, dirt and damp. The merchandise is made ready for sale at the place of dispatch and can be delivered straight to its final destination. There is no need to prepare the merchandise before sale, saving the customer a whole labor stage.

The alternative would have been boxes made of metal, for example aluminum. However, these would have had to be disposed of at the place of destination after use, and this process would also have been considerably more complex. "That wasn't an option for us," says Janaka De Silva. "We wanted a simple and reliable solution which would also reduce the burden on the environment." DB Schenker supports its customers along the entire supply chain from Asia to Europe: with procurement logistics, at the production site, with temporary storage, with dispatch including all formalities through to deliveries to retailers.

"At DB Schenker, we are intensifying our offering for the fashion retail sector. And we are continuing to expand our leading position as a green transportation and logistics provider. The green edge is based on our vast international network that links transportation modes intelligently," says Dr. Thomas C. Lieb, Chairman of the Management Board, Schenker AG, and responsible for global air and ocean freight. "It means customers can leverage DB Schenker's capability to configure a sustainable, ecological modal split."

Issued by: Deutsche Bahn AG

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