· DHL Industrial Projects to transport Airbus’ aircraft parts of A320 Family starting in early 2015 · 80,000 tons of freight volume for assembly of aircraft in the U.S.A.

MIAMI, Fla. June 23, 2014: DHL Global Forwarding, the air and ocean freight specialist within Deutsche Post DHL, has signed a contract with aircraft manufacturer Airbus to provide transportation of A319, A320 and A321 aircraft components and general cargo from the Airbus production site in Hamburg, Germany, to Airbus’ final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. DHL will provide a multimodal transport solution with air, ocean and road freight services beginning in 2015.  

“At DHL Global Forwarding we understand that the Airbus A320 family is the world’s best-selling single-aisle aircraft family and is comprised of high value equipment that must be handled with extreme care to ensure optimal performance,” said Christoph Remund, CEO DHL Global Forwarding, U.S. “With our team of highly trained professionals we have worked diligently to plan the best multimodal transport solutions to move these components close to 5,000 miles to their ultimate destination.”  

Due to the sensitivity of the aircraft components, the transportation process is challenging. The parts will be fixed on specifically designed transport racks; abrupt movements need to be avoided and a flat surface should be considered at all times as well.  

The agreement between Airbus and DHL comprises general cargo, which will be shipped via air and ocean, and major aircraft components including rear fuselage, forward fuselage, wings, and the vertical as well as horizontal tail plane. The major components will be shipped via coaster from the Airbus site in Hamburg to Bremerhaven (Germany), where they will be loaded onto container liner shipping service. After their arrival in Mobile, trucks will take care of delivery to the final assembly line at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley.

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