2014-06-12-JF-HillebranJune 4 2014 - JF Hillebrand, the UK’s leading drinks logistics specialist, has been named Logistics Company of the Year for the 7th time in ten years at the annual Drinks Business Awards held at the London Wine Fair.
In addition, Tom Yusef, recently retired chairman of JF Hillebrand, was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his remarkable contribution to the UK wine industry over many years. As well as being involved in shaping EU legislation and helping bring many improvements to the wine supply chain, he is a long serving Executive Board member of the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) of Great Britain and is a leading supporter of the drinks industry charity The Benevolent.
The judges praised JF Hillebrand for its customer-centric approach, especially in the way it has anticipated customer needs and developed online services that help its clients improve their supply chains. The upgraded carbon calculator, allowing customers to calculate precisely the environmental impact of the transport of their goods, was particularly influential in the judges’ decision to award it the Logistics Company award.
Tom Yusef played an important role on behalf of the trade in helping develop an efficient Excise control mechanism with the introduction of the EU Single Market in 1992, achieving a balance between regulatory control and the free movement of goods.

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