If you have ever had to make booking for international transportation of goods you’re most likely painfully aware of how tedious and complex the process is. For many small businesses the struggle of locating a reasonable and efficient freight forwarder is all too familiar. Without enough shipping volume to book a full container, the business owner must spend valuable time and effort on locating a forwarder who can consolidate the freight with other smaller shipments. It requires researching forwarders one by one, contacting potential candidates, typically by mail or phone, and waiting to receive quotes one by one before trying to compare and contrast services and prices and ultimately decide on the best forwarder for the job. Additionally, you will base the decision on information from only a fraction of the market, as many forwarders do not offer an immediate quote. Besides, who has the capacity to locate, monitor and individually interact with all forwarders? Surely there must be a better way.

Enter Transporteca - a brand new Hong Kong-based start-up aiming to increase proficiency and generate transparency of the shipping industry worldwide. Transporteca will be the first of its kind: an online booking portal where customers (small/medium businesses) can search for transportation options from freight forwarders and instantly compare prices and services from a growing database of providers. You can select the best match for your needs, book directly with a forwarder over the Transporteca site, and receive immediate confirmation.
This innovative concept should prove to be a success, as it fills a void that up until now has been missing from the bustling shipping industry. An online portal such as Transporteca will provide value to all involved parties and ensure that everyone wins. The customer wins by saving time and effort via the immediate access to a plethora of available forwarders; gone are the days of researching the market for who’s around and the delaying of shipments due to the untimely wait for quotes. Money is saved since the prices offered by various forwarders are visible in a list instantly generated on the portal, hence allowing the customer to ensure they could not have found a better price elsewhere.

The customer isn’t the only party benefitting from this new system: the forwarder does as well. Freight forwarders often have difficulty accessing potential customers in regions where they don’t have sales teams. Transporteca alleviates the need to spend heftily on new business development and marketing in order to increase market share. By selling their services on Transporteca, forwarders receive immediate access to a vast customer base. As Transporteca is available to customers worldwide, forwarders will reach customers in new markets. Additionally the forwarder’s online profile will expand enabling a higher level of name recognition and a greater ease for prospective customers to discover their services. Transporteca gives the forwarder complete control of the services they offer, enabling a focused strategy and the ability to reach customers in trades where they have operational strength.

All in all, Transporteca steps in to make everyone’s job less complex. Perhaps the biggest winner of all is the international trade in general: with efficiency improved and procedures more visible from all angles, the waters surrounding the international trade just got (literally) much easier to navigate. Surely this is a major positive change for all in the business. Everyone wins indeed.


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