By Lucy Dunn, 29 Jun 2014

lucy-dunnMaking your employer more successful is the one is the most important goals in your career. Period. It seriously affect how successful you are in the organization, how many promotional opportunities, and how satisfied you are with your job. I am not saying forget everything else, but all too commonly, employees lose sight of the real goal of employment. A successful company leads to more opportunities, more support, better training and tools, higher salaries… and after all, isn’t that what you as an employee want?

How do you define success at work? Most people would think the more money they make, the more successful they are. Money is an indicator, true, and yes, we also get fixated on climbing the career ladder, leading teams, managing a bigger region, getting that corner office with a great view…. And if not careful, we lose track of why it is called “work”. If the hours between 9 AM and 6 PM were all about us, then we would have to pay the companies to allow us to come in and enjoy all those benefits. When you get into the mood of waxing philosophical, you see that the fundamental of success for the individual are deeply rooted in the success of the company.

Remember that classic business book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey? When you look that those 7 traits, you see the common themes for the individual: selflessness, mastery, emphasis on discipline, and perhaps the most important skill when guiding your career, what Stephen called - “begin with the end in mind”.

Now let’s take this from the perspective of your employer. The ONLY end that your superior/boss/company want is for you to make them more successful. Instead of expecting your employer to give you all the possible perks, that you are entitled as a matter of rank or seniority, what would happen if you first devote yourself to making the company successful? Work with those 7 habits, keep doing, trying, learning, fine-tuning, and creating success for your company. As a result, you will be “So Good They Can Not Ignore You” the topic of last month’s article. When you make you company successful, you are creating value and naturally get the attention of your employer.

Find the high value creation tasks, even if it is cold calling or reviewing past inquiries and DO the kind of work people don’t want to do because not every action results in immediate success or glory. These tasks can create long term success, so EXECUTE these tasks well. COMMUNICATE with others, that can benefit from the “gold” you find. SHOW your company that you CARE, and it well become clear that YOU are the one they cannot afford to lose.

Sometimes a promotion or pay raise without having to move companies is the most satisfying. You are nearer to success that you think.

What is your experience on “Keeping the goal in focus? (Hurray for all the World Cup teams!!!)

What makes you successful at work? I would love to hear your

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