2015 06 04 x2 critical aircraft engine transport


x2 criticalBangkok, Thailand (June 04, 2015)-- US-based AWA and AGX-KUL, proud members of X2 Elite and X2 Critical handled the shipment of an Aircraft Engine worth USD 6 Million. The shipment which left from Dallas to Malaysia was coordinated Door to Door to meet an AOG situation within a very short notice.

Weighing 7000 kg, with the dimensions of 458 x 259 x 290cm, the aircraft engine, model: CF 80 is one of the biggest engines in the CF6 Engine family.

Working alongside AWA from pick up to delivery, AGX made certain that the cargo was safely and securely transported with an extreme attention to details within a minimal loading period.

Protecting the high-value asset from the weather and road debris, formfitting paddings and protective coverings were prepared during the cargo pick-up from Dallas via air-suspension truck. The time critical cargo was then transported via Korean Air, Boeing 747-400 aircraft and was loaded to the freighter jet via nose loading aircraft facility due to its immense size.

Without delays and cancellations, the time sensitive shipment arrived exactly on planned DFW-INC-KUL itinerary and was successfully delivered to the consignee.

“This is the strength of the X2 Critical members – Not only we handle small AOG shipments but we can also move Aircraft Engines,” says AGX-Kuala Lumpur based, General Manager P. Dorai.

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