2015 07 15 X2 Pay


Bangkok, Thailand (July 03, 2015) -- X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks, a global network of professional logistics specialists, today announced the debut of the newest addition to its comprehensive platform, X2 Pay.

X2 Pay is a unique company-to-company financial transaction system intended specifically to facilitate instantaneous payments between members of the X2 Logistics Networks. This service has just gone live and is exclusively intended for use between the members of X2.

X2 Pay will ease the payment process between members regardless of their location while substantially decreasing transaction costs, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually. The X2 Pay service is accessible to all its members with a computer or any mobile device with a data connection. It also features multiple currencies including USD, EUR and GBP.
The launch of the new service is primarily to provide a better transaction experience for X2 members and part of the networks’ continuing efforts to enhance the quality of services offered to its members.

X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks continues to implement new systems and tools to promote each member and is looking for more extensive programs to further develop trade and collaboration within the network.

For further informaiton visit http://x2logisticsnetworks.com/

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