The AirCargoGroup is a Global Association of Leading Neutral Airfreight Wholesalers, committed to delivering value - added international airfreight services, exclusively to the worldwide retail freight forwarding, shipping, logistics and transport related industry.

Airfreight wholesaling is the process by which freight agents can purchase space through the intermediary wholesaler for lower rates than offered by the carrier. In airfreight, this is achieved either by the wholesaler consolidating many small shipments into a single booking, taking advantage of the lower rate per kilogram offered by airlines for larger shipments, and then sharing the cost saving with customers, or it can also be achieved by combining dense cargo and volume cargo on the same airline pallet to maximize the chargeable capacity of the pallet without exceeding its physical weight limit.

ACG operates as a global platform and service tool for retail freight forwarders worldwide to have access to special airfreight consolidation rates as well to blocked space agreements and specialized neutral air transport handling. All ACG members are IATA licensed and users of bonded warehouses & break bulk facilities.

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