IL-76November 22, 2013 - Global aircraft charter specialist Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has positioned two freighters in the Philippines to help agencies deliver aid to the heart of the typhoon disaster zone more effectively.

The two aircraft, an Ilyushin IL-76 and an Antonov AN-12, are available for charter from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB), Manila International Airport (MNL), and Tacloban airport (TAC).

Chapman Freeborn has announced that the freighters will be positioned in the Philippines for the next couple of weeks as relief works are still ongoing.

Commenting on the reason behind positioning the two aircraft in the Philippines, Pierre Van Der Stichele, Director Business Development at Chapman Freeborn, says: “At present, the palletised freighters are bringing in relief supplies into Cebu and Manila airports. There is a lack of smaller aircraft to dispatch the aid cargo into other areas with less infrastructure. With the IL-76 and AN-12, we can assist aid agencies and NGOs to reach areas that are much less accessible so that the people in need are able to receive aid quickly.”
The more remote airports in the Philippines are not able to support large, palletised freighters due to the lack of equipment. As such, the IL-76 and AN-12 are perfect to operate in the inaccessible regions with short and sometimes unpaved runways; these aircraft also boast self-load capabilities to facilitate a quick turnaround.
The AN-12 aircraft is capable to transport up to 15 to 17.8 tons of cargo, while the IL-76 freighter can carry a maximum payload of 40 to 45 tons.

Chapman Freeborn’s flight operations division Wings 24 Ltd advises that aircraft and cargo are now steadily flowing through Cebu, Clark and Manila airports, partly due to the cargo consignees establishing onward transport links from the airport which is easing the congestion.
For the past two weeks, Chapman Freeborn’s global offices have worked closely with freight forwarders and aid agencies worldwide to fly in almost 3000 tons of relief supplies. In the recent aid flights, the charter specialist has delivered waters tanks, water purification units, generators, squatting plates (latrines), and living necessities which include blankets, sleeping bags, tents, kitchen sets and emergency health kits.

This series of aid flights to the Philippines have seen the charter specialist utilised a range of aircraft including wide-body freighters such as the B747, B777, A330, and strategic airlift aircraft such as the IL-76. Two turboprop AN-12 chartered by Chapman Freeborn were among the first to reach the typhoon-hit country with relief aid.

Chapman Freeborn’s charter specialists from over 30 offices worldwide are still working around the clock to deal with the ongoing emergency aid charter enquiries.

For more information on Chapman Freeborn’s relief efforts for the Philippines, please see:
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Press Contact: Gwen Goh, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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