2014-08-14-chapman-freebornIntradco Cargo Services have successfully orchestrated an operation to fly 37 horses from Brussels to Singapore Changi Airport.

The Boeing 747-400F charter flight from Brussels Airport (BRU) was coordinated by livestock and bloodstock transport specialists Intradco. The aircraft was configured to accommodate 14 horse stalls as well as a team of grooms to look after the well-being of the horses during the flight.

The horses will be showcased as part of the world-famous Cavalia equestrian performance at the White Theatre Tent, next to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The cast consists of 36 performers who ride, perform stunts and dance with their equine counterparts.  Singapore is the first stop for the Cavalia’s Asian tour.

Charlie McMullen, Business Development Manager for Intradco comments:

“The operation marks another smooth movement for the Cavalia team. Whilst it was a smaller operation than flights we have managed for the team previously, Intradco, along with Singapore Airlines Cargo, provided a solution that was cost efficient and fully customised to the needs of the Cavalia tour.

For this particular client the schedule is always important, and the wide variety of horse breed, sizes and temperament also calls for different stall configurations. Intradco provided two professional flying grooms to accompany a number of Cavalia’s own grooms on board. As we have now worked regularly with the same group of horses, we have had the chance to learn the individual personalities of each one, making it far easier to provide a customised service.”

About Intradco Cargo Services

Over the past three decades, Intradco has successfully transported animals all over the world. The company’s reputation for the safe, secure transportation of horses means it is

now the first choice transport provider for many leading bloodstock owners and trainers around the world.

Animal ‘passengers’ have special needs – whether they are llamas from Chile going to New Zealand, an endangered species routed from Africa to the USA, or a winner of the Prix de L’arc de Triomphe being flown from Paris to Saudi Arabia – Intradco provide them with a secure and appropriate environment.

Intradco’s investment in the design and use of its own flight stalls has created a fleet of equipment for animal charters that is widely-regarded as ‘best in class’ by customers around the globe.

For more information visit: http://www.intradco-global.com

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