LuxairCARGO has joined Cargo 2000’s (C2K) quality management program as an important element in its continued commitment to its customers by ‘measuring and improving air cargo process quality on the ground’.

LuxairCARGO, a business unit of Luxair Group operates one of the largest air cargo platforms in Europe. Located at a 293,000 square metre cargo terminal with an annual capacity of up to 1.2 million tons, the company currently handles in excess of 677,000 tons of cargo a year for major airlines and air logistics partners.

Dirk Schmitt, AVP Business Administration for LuxairCARGO, said: “We decided to join because we see Cargo 2000 as the premier quality standard and quality management system for the air cargo industry. We are demonstrating our commitment and ability to measure and improve our part in the air cargo quality process. The time airfreight spends on the ground is one of the most decisive factors in the whole supply chain. Hence it is obvious that ground handling agents need to be committed to quality because in our view the difference between success and failure today is more in ground operations than elsewhere. As a ground handling agent we need to be on top of the game all the time and the best way to know where we stand is by performing to Cargo 2000’s quality standards.

“The majority of our customers are Cargo 2000 members and we want to show our existing and potential clients our commitment to measuring and improving the quality of air cargo processes on the ground in Luxembourg. We also expect to actively participate in making the air cargo process more transparent and integrated in order to grow the business overall. The Cargo 2000 quality management system will become an integrated part of our overall quality and process management system.”

Mattijs ten Brink, Chairman of Cargo 2000, added: “Every company that participates in Cargo 2000 is making a very public commitment to improving the quality of service they offer to their customers. They also gain the cost benefits that are derived from greater efficiency. We are delighted to welcome LuxairCARGO as our newest member and believe they will quickly realize the advantages of our quality management system because they are clearly very in tune with the needs of their customers.”

About Cargo 2000
Bringing together 77 major airlines, forwarders, and third parties in airfreight, Cargo 2000 aims to be the deepest and most far-reaching improvement initiative in the air cargo industry’s history. Its Master Operating Plan (MOP) defines an industry standard process for moving goods from the door of the shipper to the door of the consignee. Cargo 2000 also offers the air cargo industry open access to its standard MOP process. This includes an intuitive electronic version that non-members can download in order to map their own quality processes to those of Cargo 2000.

By reducing the number of individual processes in the air cargo supply chain, Cargo 2000’s quality system is less labor intensive and improves the process for managing shipments in a paperless environment. It substantially reduces time spent managing irregularities, such as service failures, cuts the time required for manual track and trace procedures and leads to a reduction in service recovery costs.

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