Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group, is urging university graduates, college students and school leavers to explore a career in air logistics, calling it ‘an outstanding industry that needs well educated executives and entrepreneurs who will be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators’.   

In a written introduction to the new ’Air Logistics Handbook’, aimed at promoting the industry to young people and the educational sector, he states: “Air travel has transformed all of our lives and helps us experience different cultures and make new friends all over the world. However, airlines are not only about passengers. To make them work successfully, you also need to build a growing and award-winning cargo service and at Virgin we’ve done that too.

“Air logistics is a phenomenal industry and has become even more important not only to the success of airlines but also to every consumer and business leader around the world.  Before aircraft, products moving between countries spent weeks at sea. Today, it takes just hours to move imports and exports from one side of the world to another, putting air logistics at the very heart of world trade. Without the flow of goods and passengers around the world, our way of life and the development of poorer countries’ economies wouldn’t exist. I encourage you to explore the many career opportunities this outstanding industry offers.”

Today, nearly 35% of world trade by value is carried by the international air cargo industry, worth over $5 trillion a year.

Handbook author, Michael Sales, who has worked in the air cargo industry for over 20 years, said: “I am so grateful for Sir Richard’s support for the book because he is such an inspirational figure to young people and heads one of the best known global brand organisations. He clearly values the important role the air logistics industry plays for both his own company and the global economy and I hope his words of encouragement, alongside those of top executives from across the air cargo supply chain, will encourage well educated and ambitious young people to look at the potential of a career in our industry.”

To be published in May 2013, the 280-page Air Logistics Handbook aims to provide a simple and straightforward guide to the industry, covering the economic viability of using air cargo, its history, regulations, the air logistics supply chain and the roles of different service providers, a view of the future, and career opportunities at all levels. It includes articles from business leaders from all aspects of the industry, including John Lloyd, Virgin Atlantic’s Director of Cargo.

Publishers, Taylor & Francis, providers of education books for students, academics and professionals produce 4,000 new books every year to a global audience in 150 countries. The Air Logistics Handbook will be distributed through universities in the UK and overseas, libraries and colleges and will also be sold to employers to support their induction programmes for new recruits.  

Virgin Atlantic Cargo also sponsors the British International Freight Association’s Young Freight Forwarder of the Year Award.

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