2015 05 26 AIB Internacional CEO Cristiano Lima onboard 747 700 aircraftBangkok, Thailand (May 21, 2015)-- Coordinating two full charters of live cattle shipment, AIB Internacional, a proud member of X2 Elite and X2 Projects, has led the transport of 356 live Guzerá Breed Bovine en route for Senegal, Africa. With the objective of improving the genetic dairy bovine in African countries, AIB International piloted the shipments of live animals with a total weight of 160,000 kg of which most female bovines are pregnant. The Guzerá Breed Bovine was chosen since it is a rustic and resistant breed to be domesticated in Senegal. The special shipments were transported using two 747-700 aircrafts which departed from NATAL – Rio Grande do Norte and São Paulo, Brasil.

AIB Internacional has prepared all the necessary equipment’s and customized solutions to make the shipment possible since Rio Grande do Norto has never beforehand exported livestock animals preceding the shipment. Meeting the IATA Live Animal Regulations which concerns the transport of live animal cargo by air, custom made crates were prepared together with some rudimentary installation of bales in the airport.

Cristiano Lima, CEO of AIB Internacional, managed and directed the completion of shipment and accompanied the cargo flight from Brasil to Africa. AIB Internacional was honored to perform a key role throughout the unique animal consignment.

Seeking more X2 partners in 8 additional African countries namely Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Conakry, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania, Angola, Benin and Burkina Faso, AIB Internacional is looking forward for another successful 120 live animal cargo operation to Senegal. This shipment is expected to depart in 60 days due to the quarantine.

About The X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks

The X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks is the premier global provider of comprehensive solutions powering the domain’s leading freight forwarders across the globe. Comprised of five different networks such as X2 Elite, X2 Projects, X2 Movers, X2 Cold Chain and X2 Critical, the valued members X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks bring full-complement logistics solutions to meet the increasing worldwide distribution demands in the globe’s most challenging environments. Each network prides itself with credible and qualified specialists with unprecedented capabilities and unique specializations. Registered in British Virgin Islands, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, The X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks aims to develop cost-effective relationships whilst maximizing long-standing trade opportunities with qualified organizations.

The X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks was founded in 2012. With a vision of leveraging every member’s competencies and industry links, The X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks provides a more personalized community focusing immensely on platform innovation and creativity. To date, The X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks has about 442 global memberships, covering 362 cities with 668 offices fully-operational worldwide. The company also maintains a general ¬¬¬¬network coverage in over 142 countries.

Managed by CEO, Richard James Overton, The X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks aims to be represented in all major markets worldwide. With over 17 years of Logistics operations and senior management experience, Richard will direct and support each network in effectively competing with multinationals. Furthermore, he envisions to bring an advanced and professional approach to the world of Logistics Networking.

About the AIB International

In 2000, AIB Internacional CEO, Cristiano Lima entered the logistics foreign trade market in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Four years later, he founded his own company Argos International Brazil, in partnership with Argos International. In 2005, Christiano Lima purchased and assumed 100% of the company’s stock which is now called the AIB International.  AIB International now covers worldwide logistics services and offers customs clearance. In 2007, AIB Internacional opens its office in Singapore. Affiliated with the X2 Group of Professional Logistics Networks in 2014, AIB Internacional  has then earned X2 license  to become an official member of X2 Elite and X2 Projects allowing coverage in more than 142 countries to date.

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