E-marketplace Alibaba is a new channel now surfacing on many companies’ radars.

Jim Tompkins has been discussing Alibaba a lot lately because it is about to make big waves in U.S. commerce. Alibaba can offer your company an opportunity to sell your products in China and throughout the world. Since Alibaba is the “90 pound gorilla” of marketplaces, an in-depth review will often indicate that Alibaba is a new channel to be pursued.

For this reason, Jim just released a new video called The Alibaba Effect, your “cheat sheet” to understanding Alibaba. Watch this video so you can properly define your channel management strategy—that is, what to sell in which channel. If you don’t define your strategy properly, you risk designing your supply chain based upon an obsolete definition of channel management.


Once you define your channel management strategy, it’s time to establish the capabilities for each channel. This means grasping the number of products that are to be sold in what volumes, and with what delivery capabilities, so that the structure can be designed. (This structure includes the supply chain network, distribution and fulfillment centers designs, inventory management plan, and transportation system).

Once your strategy evolves to grasp how you will engage Alibaba, this engagement will have the potential to substantially alter your supply chain. Watch The Alibaba Effect today—after all, understanding Alibaba is key to developing your correct supply chain. And remember, a correct supply chain is grounded on SSI and will bring positive results

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