Brussels, July 8 2010 - The European Commission has learned from the Chairman of the WTO panel investigating subsidies to Boeing (DS 353) that there is to be a further delay in the issuing of the confidential interim panel report. Since this information was made public by Washington earlier today, the European Commission can now confirm that we were informed yesterday - on a confidential basis - that its publication will be delayed until mid- September at the latest.

The European Commission is extremely disappointed to learn of this additional delay into the issuing of the interim panel report. The time lag between this case, and the United States' case against support to Airbus (DS 316) has constantly increased over the six years this dispute has been running and the gap is now at nearly a year. It creates the wrong impression that Airbus has received some WTO incompatible support, whereas Boeing has not. Only when we have received both panel reports will both sides have a more complete picture of the dispute. As we said last week with the publication of the panel report in DS 316, at the moment we only have half the story.

The European Commission remains confident as to the strength of the EU's legal challenge. We are, however, very concerned that these delays decrease the chance for a negotiated settlement, which is – as publicly stated by both sides – the desired outcome to this dispute.

We now expect the Panel to issue its interim report in DS 353 without any further delay.


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