Brussels 12 October 2009 - China has requested a WTO panel on EU anti-dumping measures on imports of certain iron or steel fasteners originating in China. The European Commission's spokesperson for Trade, Lutz Guellner, made the following statement:

"We regret that China has today asked for a WTO panel on EU anti-dumping measures on fasteners.  China’s claim that the EU is not fulfilling its obligations under the WTO Agreements is unfounded. 

In all anti-dumping cases, the European Commission strictly follows the applicable EU rules which are in full compliance with the terms of the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement.

This is also the case for the measures on which China is now seeking a panel.

Anti-dumping measures are not about protectionism, they are about fighting unfair trade. The decision to impose measures was taken on the basis of clear evidence that dumping of Chinese products has taken place and that this dumping is harming otherwise competitive EU industry.   As a member of the World Trade Organisation, China has of course the right to bring its concerns to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, and we will engage in the process and defend the measures in Geneva."


The anti-dumping measures concerned were notified in the Official Journal of the European Union on 31st of January 2009 and imposed duties on imports of certain iron or steel fasteners originating in P.R. China.  

The duties range from 0 - 85% and are applicable for five years from entry into force.  The measures were the result of a thorough EU investigation that established clear evidence of dumping that was harming otherwise competitive EU industry.  

The investigation found that Chinese producers of fasteners benefited from artificially low prices on raw materials.   In line with the WTO Agreement on Anti-Dumping, the duties were imposed in order to re-establish fair trade in iron and steel fasteners


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