sgs-logoSGS United Kingdom Ltd has helped one of the UK’s leading exporter/importers of seafood products to achieve the first ever BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers in the food industry supply chain in the UK. The first recipient of the standard which ensures traceability in the food supply chain is the Lancashire based Mardon plc which has been working with SGS for 14 years. Mardon processes frozen bulk seafood products and was audited and certificated in March 2014 by SGS – the largest certificating body for BRC globally. Mardon trades with more than 35 countries worldwide contracting the purchase of frozen bulk raw materials that are shipped to factories in China and the EU for processing.
Managing Director, Mark Donoghue, believes the certification and award of the BRC Global Standard will highlight how important quality and attention to detail are for the company. “We are committed to safety and we want to highlight our technical strength and the depth of experience we have in delivering safe, 100 per cent compliant products. We have always run a large quality control department and this is something we focus on at every stage of our operational processes.”
David Hughes, Mardon’s Technical manager : “This new certification takes our own quality standards to a new level and Gavin Speak, Mardon’s IT & Technical manager was instrumental in helping us achieve the standard. SGS is the foremost independent surveyor and inspection agency and we found their intensive assessments of our control systems proved that we are matching the targets we are setting for ourselves and our customers. The BRC standard is the highest and most respected in the industry and we are proving we are a match for that.”
Mardon worked with SGS which audited the company’s premises in Lancaster and remotely audited its Chinese office before certification. The company already holds Marine Stewardship Council, ISO 9001 and UKAS accreditation and is a member of Campden BRI. Jeremy Chamberlain, SGS Product Specialist, sees the award as emphasising the attention to detail Mardon plc pays to its operations.“Mardon worked with us to road test this new standard which will enable greater transparency in determining the traceability of food products in the supply chain. This award will show that Mardon adheres to the highest standards in its supply chain operations. As the first UK certification body for, and largest issuer of, BRC standards globally, we believe that what we are doing at SGS is supporting the continued drive in the food supply chain for traceability and transparency.”

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