November 30, 2010 – Guildford, UK  Kewill (LSE: KWL), a leading provider of solutions that simplify global trade and logistics, has today announced it has secured partnership agreements with key European partners covering Portugal, Italy and Poland to enhance its global electronic customs network, Kewill CustomsXchange.

Moredata (Portugal), Aco Informatica (Italy) and SKG (Poland) are now all signed up to allow their customs software applications to handle onward connections to customs and legislative authorities in their respective countries, for Kewill CustomsXchange.

These partners, two of which are members of EurTradeNet (ETN) – the professional association of leading certified customs-related service providers in Europe, are a welcome extension to the regional coverage of Kewill CustomsXchange that is already in place for countries such as the UK, Ireland Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and globally for the USA and Singapore.

Kewill CustomsXchange, is a fully integrated global customs solution which enables logistics service providers and manufacturers, who need to process customs declarations in multiple countries and comply electronically with the requirements of customs legislation such as EMCS and ICS, to trade more simply and cost effectively. Essentially, Kewill CustomsXchange acts as a messaging hub where customs information is entered in the same format and through the same interface regardless of its final destination. Through the deployment of one global solution, users benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, improved customer service, increased responsiveness, agility and better control.

Each of the partners’ applications has been designed and developed specifically to meet the customs requirements of their respective countries by their teams of local experts. Already in use by a wide variety of businesses to ensure compliance locally, when used in conjunction with Kewill CustomsXchange it will enable much smoother trading for companies such as logistics providers who regularly take care of international shipping arrangements on their customers’ behalf.

Wolfgang Schwab, Chief Strategy Officer for Customs at Kewill said, “At Kewill, we can demonstrate that customs solutions need to be developed, delivered and supported by local domain experts. We apply these same high standards to our customs partnerships across the globe, to ensure that our customers benefit from local expertise with local customs authorities. We chose to partner with Moredata, Aco Informatica and SKG because we believe they have unrivalled customs experience in their respective countries.”

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