TradeIQ™ Enhancement Revolutionizes Aggregate Reporting of Manifest Information

Minneapolis, MN, March 31st, 2010 — Zepol Corporation, the leading trade data intelligence company, today announced the release of its new aggregate reporting engine for its flagship product, TradeIQ™. This upgrade provides users with the flexibility to download more than 8 million different report variations in a matter of seconds. The enhancement endows subscribers with access to view multiple levels of rolled up information for accurate import market shares, trade lane analysis, and product trending by shipment origin.

“This reporting advancement shifts the burden of analysis off subscribers of TradeIQ™,” said Paul Rasmussen, CEO & President of Zepol Corporation. “We have made this enhancement incredibly flexible, comprehensive, and scalable to let users answer the important trade related questions for their businesses rather than spend time digging through mountains of Bill of Lading ( data.”

The reporting upgrade allows users to execute the following scenarios with ease and speed:
- Market shares for importers of a specific product by shipments, TEUs, and metric tons
- Detailed view of container space usage for a specific vessel by carrier or importer
- Trade lane popularity for importers in a geographic location
- Port of entry/departure analysis of imported products, importers, suppliers, NVOs, and carriers

Zepol has posted a short video on YouTube to illustrate the new functionality, located at


Zepol’s new reporting engine is available with TradeIQ™ Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. This enhancement is targeted at users of trade data that want easier access to trade information and require the ability to answer stakeholder questions in seconds rather than sift through and aggregate complicated information on their own. Instead of merely exporting raw manifest data, Zepol’s TradeIQ™ Professional and Enterprise subscriptions assist in the trade analysis needed for international businesses of all sizes.

About Zepol Corporation:
Zepol Corporation is a Minnesota-based company working to provide the most complete and up-to-date trade data to organizations around the world. Zepol provides industry leading trade data tools, TradeIQ™ and TradeView™, for analyzing the United States trade marketplace. TradeIQ™ is an up-to-date U.S. Customs import Bill of Lading database and is available through an online interface. TradeView™ provides access to U.S. Census data to visualize the import and export economy.

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