2014-11-18-EU-3PL-Summit-Amsterdam eft releases its latest resource pack examining how big data is driving change in the supply chain and logistics industry.

In a world where everyone has the capability to leverage machine potential and maximise human productivity through the use of big data, how can the logistics and supply chain industry take advantage of this game-changing phenomenon? eft’s newly released resource pack examines how companies can make the most of data driven intelligence. Through a variety of presentations, forward-thinking articles and a short webinar, the industry experts shed some light on how to turn big data into a competitive differentiator.

Fred Hartung, VP SC Solutions & Logistics at Jabil emphasised the potential of this disruptive technology by stating: “With big data, it’s easier to make a tenfold improvement than 10% improvement. With big data, you can make disruptive changes to your supply chain and from that standpoint I’m very confident of the benefits we will get moving forward.”

Download your complimentary ‘Big Data Resource Package’

This big data resource package has been produced in conjunction with the 12th Annual 3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum, taking place in Amsterdam on November 18-20th.  The main event brings together over 300 logistics and supply chain professionals to discuss the biggest trends, game changers and opportunities in the industry. 

For more information on the summit visit the event page or contact the event director Sophie Farrow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  +44 207 375 7587

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