Following news in July of an increase in global container trade*, a shipping container forum looking at innovations in the container industry and the challenges facing tank container operations has been announced to take place at Intermodal Europe 2014 on 12 November 2014 at the Rotterdam  Ahoy.

Taking place from 11-13 November, Intermodal Europe is a three day free-to-attend exhibition and conference for logistics professionals. The container forum, to be held in the Innovation Theatre on Day Two of the event, will be chaired by Michael Callus, General Manager of the Container Owners Association (COA).

“Intermodal Europe is an important event because it is the only one that brings together all leasing companies and reefer machinery producers under one roof” says Michael Callus. “As the sessions are technical based, I believe people connected with maintenance and repair would attend these sessions as well as leasing companies, depot operators and some container technical line representatives.”

A conference session looking at tank containers used in the transportation of liquids and gases will be presented by Mr Jaco Hooij, Business Unit Director Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics, who will give an insight from the perspective of a logistics service provider (LSP).

“We will look into what is happening globally as well as focusing on the effects on Europe, as many of the companies attending will be European.” says Mr Jaco Hooij, explaining that two of the key focuses for companies are efficiency and safety.

“We transport petrochemicals, so it is important that employees understand the liquids they are working with and the dangers they can present” he adds. “Historically, this is a down-to-earth industry, with men who just get on with a tough job, but it is important to make people consider safety and to make sure that equipment is well maintained and safe to use. It is about changing the way people think.”

Data sharing is a key part of achieving efficiency according to Mr Hooij. “This is a very competitive environment but I feel it is important to share information with the audience, including industry colleagues, to help them find efficient solutions. It is important to be able to trust customers and suppliers.”

Container designer and container research and development company, Holland Container Innovations (HCI), will officially launch 4FOLD, the world's first and only fully certified 40ft HC foldable container, at Intermodal Europe 2014. Managing Director of the company, Simon Bosschieter, will also present a conference session exploring innovations in container design.

“I will explain the foldable container concept and the benefits it is bringing to companies around the world, show results from the different pilots with customers, and I will explore what may happen in the future,” says Simon Bosschieter. “We will look at the next possible steps and the support and growth of the foldable container market.”

Live demonstrations of the 4FOLD foldable container will take place in the container park just outside the venue throughout the event.

“Intermodal Europe provides an opportunity to discuss current and relevant topics and with global container trade reported to be on the rise, this container forum will be particularly well received” adds Sophie Ahmed, Event Director of Intermodal Europe.

Intermodal Europe is widely considered one of the most important events in the container shipping calendar and Rotterdam is home to Europe’s largest container port and an ideal location to hold.

To exhibit, or speak at the event, or to find out more please contact Sophie Ahmed on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or + 44 (0) 207 017 5112. Visit for further information.

*According to the June 2014 Container Throughput Index of the Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (RWI) in Essen and the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL) in Bremen.

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