XXXXNew Delhi, India, 17 June 2015 - announces the India Smart Supply Chain Forum 2015 ( scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 4 August 2015 and Wednesday, 5 August 2015 at The Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi, India, the forum where adaptable working technologies, integrated communications and collaborations that allows a truly connected Smart Supply Chain Businesses will come together under one roof.

Smart Supply Chain is much more than simple operations and logistics. It is about developing, managing and leading dynamic systems and processes that are at the very heart of business productivity and progression. India Smart Supply Chain Forum 2015 will provide cross disciplinary knowledge and skills to succeed as a Smart Supply Chain Leader in today’s high-tech global economy, recognizing, creating and managing opportunities for reducing costs, driving growth and building maintainable competitive advantages. It will highlight the application of machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) technologies in Supply Chain Logistics vertical markets while driving the focus towards how machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) technologies are used to significantly improve business processes, drive innovation, help to reduce risk and improve bottom-line.

India Smart Supply Chain Forum 2015 endeavors to bring together the stakeholders from machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) in Supply Chain Logistics fraternity to deliberate the opportunities and challenges facing the Supply Chain Logistics industry.

In addition to the above, India Smart Supply Chain Forum 2015, opens door to one day dedicated forum ‘Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) APAC  India Forum 2015’ by TAPA APAC - a non-profit organization with a unique forum that unites global manufactures, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of loss reduction from International Supply Chains. The forum will be followed by a two day Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) training program by TAPA APAC which aims at specifying the minimum acceptable security standards and frameworks for assets traveling throughout the supply chain and the methods to be used in maintaining those standards.

The Forum at a glance –  

  • 2 full days packed with information  
  • 2 key forums  over 2 days at one place
    • India Smart Supply Chain Forum’ 2015 
    • Tapa APAC – India Forum 2015  
  • 2 days trucking security requirements (TSR) training 
  • 50+ C level speakers  
  • 100+ attendees  
  • Plenary, key notes and panel discussions by top industry experts and key decision makers  
  • Case study and presentations by industry and innovative start ups  
  • 10 extensive hours of networking each day with 100+ C level executives and founders of innovative start ups

About the Organizers


Inaugurated in April 2013, is a world-class news and resource portal of latest machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) information. is an initiative in the domain of machine-to-machine (m2m) technologies and internet of things (iot) and its applications on key Industry Verticals namely, Agriculture, Automotive, Automation, Electronics, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Security, Supply Chain, Telecom, Transportation, Telematics and Utility. has very high quality collection of resources and references such as; articles, case studies, white papers, videos, and interviews from across verticals of the machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) eco-system and value chain. The portal is an interactive medium for machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) stakeholders to connect through several innovative mediums like facebook, Google+, linkedin and twitter.

  • Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)

TAPA is an association of security professionals and related business partners from high technology and high value companies who have organized for the purpose of addressing the emerging security threats that are common to the high value industry supply chain.

A fundamental TAPA objective is to affect positive change in the security practices of the freight transportation and insurance communities as a whole. Major freight service providers are moving toward TAPA-recognized security standards for the care and handling of freight and are recognizing the inherent value of doing so. TAPA publishes several standards to secure the supply chain against theft, robbery, hijacking, contamination, substitution theft, pilferage and tampering.

TAPA is a non-profit organisation and publishes its standards free of charge.


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Director - Conferences India Smart Supply Chain Forum

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