25 & 26 February 2015 | Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche, Casablanca

2015-02-25-Port-Efficiency-Forum-Morocco All ports and terminals these days are aspiring to value creation through revenue increase, new growth engines, cost reduction, heightened efficiency and sustainability. Competitive advantage though differentiation is key - and the integral and unique position of ports as economic and trade drivers makes these values of efficiency even more important.

Terms like *Big Data" and Intelligent Operations' make lots of promises in terms of the benefits the industry can expect to derive, but what do they really mean? How is the industry adapting to new technologies and making the most of them? How can manager and operators utilize developments best to increase operational efficiency and - perhaps most importantly - how will they impact the bottom line?

This Port Efficiency Forum will evaluate recent developments and trends and hope to trigger discussion and debate on how these can make our industry smarter, safer and more sustainable. Bringing together specialists and stakeholders involved in operations and management to discuss the evolution of port and terminal efficiency, Port Efficiency Forum Morocco 2015 will provide all those who attend with the chance to hear from industry experts, learn about development plans, discuss operational solutions, receive answers to their questions, identify risks and meet potential business partners.

Find out more information at www.portfinanceinternational.com. Topics to be covered include:

•             Achieving Business Agility through Operational Efficiency

•             Strategic Positioning and Smart Operations

•             Sustainable Terminal Operations

•             Terminal Standardization and Transparency

•             Modem Terminal Requirements

•             Defining Performance Measures and Using Global Benchmarking to Stay Competitive

•             Productivity Measurement

•             Port Equipment Safely and Loss Prevention

•             Managing Terminal Risks

•             Developments with Container Handling Technologies and Systems

•             Challenges in Terminal Automation

•             Optimizing Terminal Operations with Terminal Simulation Technology

•             Integrating the Supply Cham

•             The Value of Partnerships between Shipping Lines and Terminals

•             Building Sustainability into Development Plans

•             Employing Multi Modal Connectivity

•             The Importance of Handling Equipment Maintenance and many others...

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