2015 06 03 Cooperative Logistics Network Bangkok 2015 Group Photo

Bangkok – 141 delegates gathered for the inaugural annual meeting of The Cooperative Logistics Network (The COOP), 10th-12th May.

A record number of delegates for a first conference, 141 delegates from 47 countries, made the journey to Thailand. “Considering what other networks have managed at their initial conferences, this number is a great achievement,” said Antonio Torres, the brains behind this freight forwarding network.

With a successful exclusive network already in operation, CONQUEROR FREIGHT NETWORK, Antonio Torres took the decision to launch a new capped non-exclusive network which would offer agents the same quality partners and financial security as that of an exclusive one.

“Many freight forwarders like the autonomy that a non-exclusive network brings but so often, they don’t enjoy the same financial security and quality partners as they would in an exclusive one. The COOP is different; agents get quality partners and financial security coupled with the freedom to choose who they work with,” explained Mr Torres.

The COOP is part of a new generation of networks which are empowering and mobilizing independent freight forwarders to work together as global ‘mega-forwarders.’

This desire to join forces was evident at the conference as members vied for each other’s time across every aspect of the conference. “At the heart of The COOP is mutual cooperation,” explained Torres. “Without it, the network simply would not function.”

“Personally, I’m extremely impressed with the standard of freight forwarders The COOP has represented here in Bangkok,” said one member. “One perk of The COOP’s focus on cooperation, is that all the members do business with a give and take attitude and that is certainly evident here.”

Torres declared the conference a success. “This first meeting gave our members the opportunity to meet in one place, at one time, with the cost of only one trip! In total, we had 2500+ one to one meetings taking place. In my opinion, it’s a low cost investment when compared to the potential business created.”

The COOP now has 143 agents in 102 cities in 59 countries and invites any freight forwarders interested in growing their businesses through mutual cooperation to get in touch.

For more information, please visit www.thecooperativelogisticsnetwork.com

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