2014-04-28-IQPCNuclear Supply Chain procurement strategies and vendor management practices are an increasingly crucial aspect of nuclear operating companies’ operations. Spend on nuclear components, services and fuel is set to hit $500-$740 billion in the next decade, with a projected 4% growth annually and as new nuclear build projects proliferate, that figure should increase considerably. With that amount of capital expenditure on nuclear projects, operating companies will be under extreme pressure to deliver efficiently on the development of said projects and supply chain operations will form the foundation of such success.

Nuclear as a renewable energy source is often overlooked, most notably in President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address, in the fervor to find a solution to reduced emissions even though it is a low emission, clean energy source. This, in spite of the fact that power generation from nuclear energy facilities prevented the equivalent of 570 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2012, according to the Nuclear Energy Institute. Also per NEI, in 2012 nuclear power generation operated at an 86% capacity factor while alternative clean energy sources such as solar were at a mere 27%.

Several companies such as SCANA, Southern Co. and TVA are poised to deliver the environmental and economical benefits that will accompany new build operations that augment their nuclear generation portfolios. IQPC has joined the conversation and will host our first US based Nuclear Supply Chain: Procurement and Vendor Management Summit this April 28th-30th in Greenville, SC. The event will address the most pertinent issues in the development of supply chain functions to support the expanding U.S. nuclear fleet. The Nuclear Supply Chain: Procurement and Vendor Management Summit is focused around extensive industry research and driven by leaders in nuclear procurement and supply chain matters. The summit will provide insightful and empirical information on ways for nuclear operating companies to successfully implement cost effective and streamlined procurement strategies as well as more effectively utilize advanced research by groups such as EPRI to improve their supply chain functions and overall operations. To see who you will meet at the event click here. A few of our speakers include:

  • Ken Barry, Senior Project Manager - Nuclear EPRI
  • David Boone, Director, International Operations - Nuclear Fluor 
  • Donald R. Hoffman, President American Nuclear Society
  • Clint Medlock, Supplier Compliance Director, Southern Nuclear Co.
  • Jeff Richardson, Director, Major Projects, Entergy Nuclear

View the brochure at www.NuclearSupplyChainEvent.com for the full speaker lineup.

In addition, academic leaders Dr. Scott Mason Ph.D and Dr. William Ferrell Ph.D., with decades of combined experience in industrial engineering and supply chain modeling and optimization, will be presenting and leading a workshop on the opportunity and risk in nuclear supply chain material flow. They will offer nuclear specific as well as cross-industry best practices to allow you to implement new innovative strategies for improving your supply chain operations.

Featured Podcast: Click here to listen to an exclusive podcast by Scott Mason and William Ferrell on Nuclear Supply Chain.

Featured Infograph: Click here to view an infograph on Power To The People: Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors In The U.S. Join us at the Nuclear Supply Chain: Procurement and Vendor Management this April 28th-30th in Greenville, SC .

Register online at www.NuclearSupplyChainEvent.com with code “ NUC_PRESS ” to receive a 20% discount. Also, feel free to contact Alysha Malik directly at 646-253-5526 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Alysha Malik, Tel 646-253-5526, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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