2015-01-28-SOP-Summit-Las-VegasOver 200 S&OP professionals from industry leading companies are set to arrive at The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, on January 28 & 29 for the S&OP Innovation Summit. The acclaimed summit brought to you by Innovation Enterprise, will explore the supply chain process and how effective operational planning is central to business success.

Over the years, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has gotten a lot of attention from business leaders as it is crucial if companies are to hit performance targets. S&OP is a set of planning and decision-making processes designed to balance the supply of products or services with the demand. S&OP enables business leaders to link day-to-day operations with the companies goals, operational planning, and financial planning. With the ever evolving economy, it is more important than ever that companies try to improve their S&OP processes in order to achieve true integration. Today corporate leaders want to be able to communicate to their employees that integrative behaviour is expected.

The S&OP Innovation Summit will bring together the world's most dynamic senior executives operating in the areas of sales, operations & planning. Through 25+ keynote presentations, interactive workshops, networking opportunities and access to online presentations on-demand post-summit, the summit will explore how to create true collaboration between processes.

Ever thought about technological developments and how to utilize them to take advantage of market expansion? What strategies could be used to avoid S&OP inefficiencies? Or even the key considerations that should be considered when structuring S&OP demand planning? This summit will cover all of these burning issues surrounding S&OP, supply chain and change management, providing real solutions for real problems faced by business leaders every day.

'This event brings together industry pioneers in S&OP. It is an event that provides content applicable across many different industries and at all levels,' said the International Events Director, Aaron Fraser. 'Bringing together these individuals gives each attendee the chance to hear fantastic presentations and participate in some sought after networking opportunities.'

This year's event has an amazing line-up of keynote speakers who will make people rethink what they know about S&OP, supply chain and change management. Among these are Kathleen Geraghty, Director, Supply Chain Services for Celestica. Kathleen will talk about how she plans to create a legacy with her supply chain; the steps it takes to keep the supply chain sustainable and strong and the best practices to consider when planning.

Visit the S&OP Innovation Summit website for more information.

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