NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The RFID market is truly diverse. Consider the more established, traditional applications such as security/access control, animal ID, toll collection, and automobile immobilization. Then there are consumer-facing contactless payment and ticketing, the “hot-right-now” closed-loop asset tracking/supply chain management, and emerging open-loop applications. Across the board, RFID markets offer strong growth potential.

How large is the RFID market today and how large will it be tomorrow?
What are the leading and prevailing trends for 2009?
How have global economic conditions been impacting RFID segments?
Which vertical and application areas show the greatest near-term and long-term promise?
How is the RFID solution value chain maturing?
How can members of the RFID value chain best position themselves for success in the market?

Join ABI Research for an enlightening Webinar, “RFID - Key Considerations and Opportunities for a Modernizing Marketplace” hosted by RFID Practice Director Michael Liard.

The third in ABI Research's “Stay Connected” Webinar series, this informative session will examine in depth RFID market opportunities and trends across a variety of applications and vertical industries. It will focus not just on the high-profile passive UHF segment, but also on the often overlooked LF, HF and active domains.

The Webinar will take place Thursday, May 14, at 11:00 AM US Eastern Daylight Time.

The event is free. Please register at:

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