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Recent Developments in Supply Chain and Technology

Zwijndrecht, 15 February 2012 - Agristo Netherlands and Egemin Automation have closed a multimillion contract for a major automatic warehouse. The order comprises the construction and automation of an automatic deepfreeze silo warehouse for the storage op deep-frozen fries at -25 °C. Reaching a staggering height of 40 meter the new warehouse to be built in Tilburg will be the highest automatic warehouse in The Netherlands and the Benelux. With a total width of 53 m and an aisle length of 78 m the deepfreeze warehouse will provide space for approximately 25,600 euro pallets.

Cost and Time Saving Silo Construction
Egemin will build the deepfreeze warehouse in a silo construction. This means all pallet racking is mounted first. In a next stage the skyscraper stacker cranes –eight in total– will be installed in between the racks. Next, all roof and wall plating is fixed to the racking. Silo warehouses have numerous benefits compared to traditional warehouses:
» Very compact construction leading to important space savings.
» Shorter assembly times leading to faster project throughput
» A lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to more efficient energy management, lighting, space saving

Impressive Scope
The impressive scope of the project includes eight 40-meter high pallet cranes, the conveyor systems and turntable equipment in the front zone of the warehouse and the silo construction. In addition, Egemin Automation also delivers all controls for the equipment and the higher level software for warehouse control and management (E’wcs and E’wms®). For infeed and outfeed of pallets three conveyors located on different levels will be provided; 1 will be used for infeed; two for outfeed. With this configuration Agristo and Egemin are planning to obtain peak capacities of 100 pallets IN and 240 pallets OUT.

Local Representation and Professional Organisation Decisive
With only 43 km away from the new warehouse in Tilburg, Egemin has a unique location advantage over its foreign competitors with regard to service provision. The same counts for Egemin’s fully Dutch speaking project organization allowing for a perfect communication match with the customer’s. In addition to that Egemin’s many years’ of experience and expertise and the no-nonsense approach with regard to concept engineering and project philosophy ruled in favour of Egemin. And last but not least Agristo only needs to turn to one party with the one-stop-shop solution Egemin has offered.

Planning and Future Projects
The automatic warehouse project has a scheduled completion time of 1 year starting and has been started early January 2012. It is part of a larger total project at Agristo also comprising the construction of an impressive conveyor installation linking the production to the warehouse and the warehouse to the loading docks and the old warehouse. In a third stage Agristo is planning to retrofit its old warehouse with new controls and software.

About Agristo
Agristo is a Belgian based company with head offices in Harelbeke and two additional production plants in Tilburg (The Netherlands) and Nazareth (Belgium). Agristo specializes in the production of frozen and prefried french fries. Agristo produces a wide range of potato products from french fries to products that cover the complete potato category and specialises in ‘own label’ solutions. Agristo was founded in 1985, the production plant in Tilburg was acquired in 2001.

Egemin Automation supplies advanced industry automation solutions that bring added value to the internal logistics and production processes of industrial companies. We deliver made-to-measure solutions for various applications in selected industries to give our customers a competitive advantage over their competitors. Our target industries include markets such as distribution & logistics, life sciences, food & beverage, oil & gas, paper & print and infrastructure.

We approach the market from four divisions, each with a specific focus:
» Handling Automation (automation of intralogistics and material handling processes),
» Life Sciences (validation, compliance and automation for the life sciences industry),
» Process Automation (process automation for the food, oil and gas, and chemical industries)
» Infra Automation (automation of bridges, locks, tunnels, weirs and pumping stations).

We support our customers with professional advice, integrated project implementation and dedicated lifecycle services during the life time of installations. Egemin Automation operates internationally from its headquarters in Belgium and various other offices across Europe, North America and Asia with a total work force of 620 dedicated employees.


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