Low-Frequency Option works with Proximity Cards and Tags from all Major Manufacturers

Baltimore, MD, April 22, 2009 – Barcoding Inc., a Baltimore-based leader in enterprise-wide mobility solutions, today announced the CaptureTech RFID Interpreter is available as a Low-Frequency reader.

With the new capabilities of reading Low-Frequency tags, which are often used in proximity cards, companies have an easy way to capture data from RFID tags as well as use those tags to grant access to certain computers, files, or programs.

“The strength of this interpreter is in its simplicity,” stated Bill Poulsen, Chief RFID Engineer at Barcoding Inc. “By adding a LF version of the interpreter to our product line, we have empowered companies to leverage their existing employee proximity cards in many novel ways throughout their business processes. Several companies have inquired about using this technology for capturing basic tag data without having to implement a costly, cumbersome system.”

The CaptureTech RFID Interpreter provides companies with an easy and practical way to send RFID tag data to any Windows™-based PC application. Utilizing simple, plug-and-play technology, companies can implement this device and begin reading RFID tags in less than one minute while utilizing existing legacy applications.

The RFID Interpreter plugs into a USB port on a Windows-based PC. The Interpreter then identifies itself as a Human Interface Device (HID) and inputs RFID tag data into any existing applications ( Microsoft Office Applications such as Word™, Access™ Excel™ ) as if it were being typed on a keyboard. Data from the RFID tag is entered by opening that application and placing the cursor where the user wants the data to be entered. The RFID tag is simply scanned over the top surface of the device, where it is captured and placed into the software application.
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Barcoding Inc., an Inc. 5000 and Deloitte Fast 50 company, specializes in deploying and managing enterprise-wide mobility solutions. Founded in 1998, Barcoding’s products and capabilities range from barcode and RFID data collection devices to wireless local area and wide area network integration.

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