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Recent Developments in Supply Chain and Technology

December 27, 2011 - Clark Material Handling Company, an assembler and distributor of Clark forklifts and accessories, is a winner of the 2011 KEMI Destiny Award presented by Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance (KEMI). KEMI is a mutual insurance company providing workers' compensation coverage to more than 21,500 policyholders throughout Kentucky.

"We are pleased to recognize Clark Material Handling Company for their commitment to safety," says Roger Fries, President & CEO of KEMI. "The efforts of the management and staff at Clark have led to significantly lower workers' compensation costs thereby giving their company a competitive advantage."

In addition to receiving the KEMI Destiny Award, Clark Material Handling Company has been the recipient of the Kentucky Governor's Safety & Health Award for five consecutive years. In August, Clark was recognized for logging more than 579,000 hours without a lost time accident (accident-free hours were logged since November 2002).

in the culture of safety that we have established and ingrained in our manufacturing and distribution practices. Being selected for the KEMI Destiny Award exemplifies and affirms our commitment to Safety in our workplace," said Dennis Lawrence, President & CEO of Clark Material Handling Company. "And as a result, we see lower employee turnover, higher morale, reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and better quality forklift trucks and parts. Safety at Clark is a collaboration of supportive leadership, safety conscience employees, safe manufacturing and distribution processes, and dedicated employees that work hard and care."

Meeting a stringent set of criteria set forth by KEMI, Clark Material Handling Company joins six other winners of the 2011 Destiny Award. Visit for a list of other KEMI Destiny Award winners.


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