Middle East Glass, upcoming producer of hollow glass ware and part of the Shaher Trading Company Group based in Cairo/Egypt, has once again chosen the internationally leading manufacturer of packaging machines, MSK, to provide their cold-end.

MSK and Middle East Glass are connected by a partnership of long time that already begun many years before the delivery of the first machines. The production plant of 105.000 qm in Cairo is equipped with the latest production technology for hollow glass ware and it is ISO 9001 certified. In 2006, MSK delivered glass palletizers and pallet shrink packaging systems for the first time. These MSK palletizer have been desgined for up to two stacks per minute. Due to its robust and modular construction, it offers high flexibility and expands the machine with yet a minimum need of maintenance and spare parts. What is so special about this palletizer is the combination of parallelogram and belts. This way, the stacker’s upside stays open for manual access.

With the fully automatic pallet shrink packaging machine MSK PARATECH, the glass producer chose one of the most reliable and top-selling hood shrink devices. The machine’s floor level arrangement allowes a very user-friendly access. Thanks to the parachute principle, non-contact covering with the film hood is possible. Compared to other hood applicators, the film tube needs to be opened one single time per film roll only. Here, the low-maintenance pallet shrink frame technique MSK ECONOTECH, which is integrated into the packaging system, provides selective and regulated heat generation without flames by a special mixed-air method. Thus, the film is heated gently and can keep its maximum tension force.

For the setting of the new production line in the glass factory in Cairo, which is planned for the end of 2008 and which is supposed to double the plant’s production capacity, Middle East Glass decided to go with another cold-end using MSK systems. Three new palletizers of the type MSK DUOTECH are going to be delivered. On the basis of MSK TRIOTECH, a swivel arm palletizer popular in the international glass industry, the MSK DUOTECH is an economic solution for the medium capacity range of up to two stacks per minute. Furthermore it offers a palletizing method even where there is very little space available. The specific advantage of this space-saving palletizing option is that for palletizing, only the swivel arm is moved whereas the  column stays fix. Thus, the moving mass is reduced by 50%.

MSK has known the Egyptian glass market for many years now. In 1986, MSK already delivered packaging devices for the cold-end to National Glass, a glass producer in Cairo. More than 10 years ago, a manufacturer from Suez, APG, chose to use MSK technology, aswell. This year, another glass producer of the Middle East ordered MSK systems for their cold-end time and again: Misr Coffee Glass, a subsidiary of United Coffee, the biggest producer of instant coffee in the Middle East. In June, 2008, two MSK palletizers were delivered to Misr Coffee Glass in order to replenish the already existent MSK shrink packaging machine.

Full-range supplier at the cold-end

MSK is full-range supplier for the complete cold-end of a glass production. Over 30 years of experience in the development of partly and fully automatic glass palletizers, hood shrink machines for pallet securing, shuttle cars, conveyor technique, as well as the necessary  operating software have taken MSK up to a leading position in this market. Add-on modules, such as the MSK Looptech for the protection of single bottle layers during on-plant transport, labeling technique, box straighteners, systems for information pursuit and other equipment make MSK systems unique.

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