250,000 CC Racks to be RFID-enabled by Early 2010

DENVER — Oct 28, 2009 — Fluensee, a leading provider of RFID-enabled asset tracking and supply chain management solutions, today announced that Container Centralen, Inc. will implement the Fluensee AssetTrack™ solution to gain better visibility, control and utilization of the CC racks it provides to North American customers.

Container Centralen (CC) is a leader in the horticultural logistics industry, managing more than 3.5 million CC racks that it provides to customers globally. The initial roll out of the RFID asset tracking system will include approximately 150 locations and 250,000 CC racks supplied to horticultural customers throughout North America. Austin, Texas-based RF Code, Inc. will provide the active tags, readers and infrastructure for the tagging of CC’s fleet of shipping racks in North America.

Fluensee’s AssetTrack will provide Container Centralen with improved visibility, tracking, accountability and utilization of the CC racks as they move through the supply chain. Believed to be the largest active RFID deployment in the industry to date, this solution will provide Container Centralen with up-to-date, accurate inventory information to help the company streamline its container shipping activity and automate current manual processes, resulting in reduced labor costs and improved customer service.

"Container Centralen is excited to be working with Fluensee and RF Code to implement an RFID-enabled solution to provide improved visibility of our CC racks and contribute to our ongoing commitment to the highest quality of customer service," said Sonny Costin, president of Container Centralen. "We chose Fluensee for its real-world RFID expertise and its comprehensive AssetTrack solution, which will allow our customers to optimize the use of our CC racks and create opportunities for improved efficiency and reduced cost."

The AssetTrack solution incorporates all of the elements required to implement an RFID-enabled reusable asset tracking solution – software, hardware and services. AssetTrack will provide Container Centralen with exception-based alerting functionality; extensive reporting capabilities to facilitate improved decision support and provide better analysis of CC rack activity; and the ability to use RFID handhelds in the field to take inventory, locate specific assets and perform cycle counts. Because AssetTrack works with any platform and RFID hardware, CC has the flexibility to use the latest RFID technology as it emerges over time, offering the investment protection that businesses seek in today’s economic environment. The target date for the completion of this solution within Container Centralen will be February 2010.

"Industry-leader Container Centralen has a long-term vision for RFID, a technology that will ultimately make it possible to track and trace horticultural products from the grower to the retail outlet," said Tim Harvie, Fluensee president and CEO. "With Fluensee AssetTrack and RFID, Container Centralen will be able to establish a knowledge base of CC rack movements, and can use that information to make broad improvements and cost savings throughout the horticultural supply chain."

About Fluensee
Fluensee’s RFID-enabled asset tracking and management solutions improve the visibility, accuracy, security and utilization of a company’s mobile and fixed assets. Its end-to-end solutions combine highly configurable and patented software and implementation services with hardware from leading RFID, barcode, GPS and sensor technology providers. Fluensee offers its browser-based, enterprise-class AssetTrack™ solution that tracks IT assets, pallets, tools, equipment and all types of other high-value assets, along with its Yard™ application that is designed to efficiently manage assets in transportation and distribution environments. All of Fluensee’s solutions are platform- and hardware-agnostic. Fluensee is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. For more information, visit www.fluensee.com.

About Container Centralen
Container Centralen (CC) is the global leader in the supply of Container/rack services for the horticultural industry. The company operates in 40 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, and offers access to more than 3.5 million CC racks (shipping racks) and Returnable Transport Items. With a solid foundation in Europe with more than 20,000 CC Container customers, CC established a North American operation in 2006. The North American business has expanded rapidly, and now provides service to over 200 growers shipping to more than 5,000 retail locations. CC is committed to creative use of technology to enhance the services it offers to customers; CC’s businesses in Europe and USA are both proceeding with RFID projects. For more information about CC, please visit: www.container-centralen.com.

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