August 17, 2009 - Upgraded Daifuku WMS offers improved inventory management, control, flexibility, visibility SALT LAKE CITY-August 17, 2009-Daifuku America's eWareNavi WMS is a full featured and highly configurable warehouse management system (WMS) for fast moving, high-volume warehouses. This warehouse management software directs equipment and people simultaneously while providing control, flexibility and visibility of warehouse inventory operation.

Effective for conventional warehouses, partially-automated, and fully-automated facilities, eWareNavi delivers enhanced efficiency and increased productivity with lower operating costs.

The new system is web-based and supports storage, picking, sorting, shipping, cross docking, and other operations.  Daifuku's WMS is inexpensive and is easily installed.  Users will benefit from improved accuracy and reliability, inventory or load visibility, effective order picking, and comprehensive control of automated material handling equipment, including Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), without additional software modules.  

"In developing, maintaining, and supporting the eWareNavi application, Daifuku has benefited from its global network of software engineers.  Our intent is to utilize the latest technology and to take advantage of our 20 plus years in the WMS industry while minimizing the cost of any future upgrades and adapting to the needs of our customers," explains Daifuku America's Vice President of Software Keizo Kobayashi.  Daifuku's eWareNavi application has satisfied the diversified demands of small and large companies worldwide.

Because eWareNavi is not hardware-dependent it easily keeps pace with ever-changing technical innovations.   This application is built on Java and runs on a MS Windows Server and an Oracle database. More information on eWareNavi is available online at

Daifuku America will continue to provide its Warehouse Rx product for warehouse control system (WCS) applications.  To read more about Warehouse Rx WCS, visit

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