Sant'Antonino, 2 October 2009. The Interroll Group, the most global core product provider for solutions in material handling, logistics and automation, showcased a number of groundbreaking new products for high-performance material flow and unit-load conveyor systems at a Global Symposium held in Locarno (Switzerland) on 24/25 September 2009. Organised for an international group of industry experts, the event coincided with the 50th anniversary of the company, which was established in Wermelskirchen, near Cologne (Germany), back in 1959.

"The Symposium was very well received by customers around the globe," said a buoyant Paul Zumbühl (CEO) when asked to comment on the company's recent industry meeting. Attracting around 500 visitors from all continents, the Interroll event was designed first and foremost to reaffirm the company's commitment to out-and-out customer value. "To be able to meet customer demands of tomorrow, we have to invest in the markets today," emphasised Interroll's CEO in the run-up to the Symposium. "In times of severe economic malaise it is particularly important to cement the bond of trust between Interroll and its customers, as well as conveying the long-term prospects associated with this partnership. I believe that our Global Symposium will go a long way towards achieving these goals. At the same time, one has to acknowledge that our ability to host this strategically important project is a testament to Interroll's strong financial position."

In addition to providing a wealth of specialist expertise, Interroll used the Symposium in Locarno (Switzerland) to showcase its most recent innovations in the field of intralogistics, the emphasis being on solutions that can be integrated quickly and efficiently within existing material-flow systems and deliver best-in-class value. Paul Zumbühl: "Interroll-developed solutions offer users exceptional productivity combined with an impressive payback period of just two years on average. As energy- and space-saving solutions deployed in key areas associated with conveyor and logistics technology, they are synonymous with efficiency and reliability, thus guaranteeing maximum uptime. What is more, as the 'heart of conveyor technology and logistics', our products are always the result of a truly all-embracing design concept - from the initial idea through to ongoing operation. Therefore, we are keen to address all partners of a project," said Zumbühl. "Plant engineers demand ultra-fast delivery of pre-installed products for efficient downstream assembly. At the same time, planners and system integrators have to be able to rely on other partners to supply on time."

Among the products to be premiered by Interroll at the Symposium in Locarno were a new compactly designed Belt Curve, a Crossbelt Sorter capable of handling both inclines and gradients, the Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor - as a pioneering drive for belt conveyors -, Conveyor Rollers in a new design as well as next-generation Roller Tracks for Carton Flow systems and modules for dynamic pallet flow applications. All newly launched products are patented worldwide or have patents pending.

Source: Interroll (Schweiz) AG

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