Despite the slowdown in the marina industry, sales and interest of the Neptune Series marina forklift has gradually picked up in 2009 at home and abroad.

Bedford Park, Illinois – June 12, 2009 – Return customers and increased interest outside the United States have gradually increased sales activity for Hoist Liftruck’s Neptune Series marina forklift. Hoist Liftruck forecasted a significant down year for its popular marina forklift, but 2009 has been a tremendous and welcomed surprise for the company.

“We saw activity on the Neptune Series decrease at the end of last year and into 2009,” said Dan Peter, director of marketing for Hoist Liftruck. “We expected the Neptune Series to take the biggest hit in sales this year, but so far that clearly hasn’t been the case. It’s been wonderful to see some of our current customers purchasing additional Neptune units, as it’s a strong indication that their business is picking up and they are satisfied with our forklift and service.”

Return customers such as Gasparilla Marina (Placida, Florida), Rickenbacker Marina (Biscayne Bay, Florida) and Calusa Island Marina (Goodland, Florida) purchased additional Neptune Series forklifts – M250, M300 and M250, respectively. Additional Neptune Series forklifts are going into Englewood, Florida and Crystal River, Florida. International activity has also picked up with several deals pending approval.

“Our dedication to quality engineering, manufacturing and premium standard components, as well as investment in excellent service support has continued to make the Neptune [Series] extremely successful,” said Marty Flaska, president of Hoist Liftruck. “We will continue to work with our customers during these tough times to provide them with quality, proper equipment they need to run their business.”

Currently, Hoist Liftruck is running its Customer Appreciation Days for the marina industry, offering 10‐25% off and free 5‐year powertrain warranty on all new Neptune Series marina forklifts. Contact Hoist Liftruck for more information.

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