Complete transparency, though undesired in our daily life, is actually the key to success in logistics. The Management Information System (MIS) by KNAPP not only supplies key figures and statistics, but also makes it possible to see the real-time picture at any time - while in the warehouse or on the go.

With the introduction of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the resulting possibility of controlling all processes online, data is provided in real-time. The continuous collection of data and calculations in the background, evaluation and prognosis allow KiSoft MIS to provide information regarding status and progression of the warehouse at any time. The management can thus monitor performance online, and react quickly to any discrepancies. Using projections on the basis of historical data and of limit values for individual business processes defined by the user, the system can give early warning, thereby actively preventing problems.

No questions remain unanswered
With performance indicator reporting, visualization of the warehouse in real-time and the cockpit, KiSoft MIS has three interconnecting visualization instruments. Some 100 standard performance indicators for the various warehouse processes are available in indicator reporting. Reaching from the evaluation of suppliers, over ABC analysis and stock projections up to the status of delivery services, no questions in the warehouse remain unanswered.

Evaluation of business processes
The observance of recommendations within Guideline VDI 4490 (“Operational logistics key figures from goods receiving to dispatch”) guarantees that the determined key performance indicators (KPI) can be compared even outside of the company. Standard values which are updated annually for the most important key figures make it possible to view the company’s business processes in international comparison. Access via web browser, various display formats (lists, diagrams etc) as well as extensive ways of exporting the data e.g. with Microsoft Excel™, ensure that the warehouse supervisor as well as the top management benefit from the system.

Key figures displayed directly in warehouse layout
The real-time visualization furthermore offers a display of key performance indicators directly within the warehouse layout. By means of selected indicators which are superimposed over the layout, any irregularities or discrepancies arising can be detected even more clearly and quickly. A fast-moving product e.g. in a zone for slow-moving products is easily identified due to the diverging colour of the storage location without having to look through pages of statistics. At the same time this visualization is an alarm system for the WMS. Any detected discrepancies are indicated within the warehouse layout and made clearly visible.

Cockpit function
The KiSoft MIS also provides the cockpit as a third instrument. In addition to standard views, each customer can create and view any number of personal top KPIs in the preferred form. Visual elements, which can be easily understood such as traffic lights, speedometer and diagrams, support the user in assessing the situation in the warehouse at one glance. These views are also available on mobile units with a web browser (i.e. BlackBerry or iPhone), keeping decision makers up to date at all times, even on the go.

A warehouse management system optimises the warehouse according to predefined rules, while the Management Information System takes one step further, paving the way for the continuous improvement of these rules in addition to allowing further optimizations. The transparency of all processes, the active prevention of problems in daily business, as well as the up-to-the-second status of the warehouse both in-house and on the go makes the KiSoft MIS by KNAPP an absolutely essential instrument in warehouse management.

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