Michiel Peters (age 42) has been appointed the new CEO of Vanderlande Industries with headquarters in Veghel, the Netherlands effective 1 April 2009. He will be the successor to Peter Gerretse. Peter Gerretse joined the company in 1995 and has served as CEO for the past seven years. He has expressed his wish to devote more time to other professional and personal activities.

Michiel Peters has served as Director of Operations at Vanderlande Industries since 2004. He formerly worked at companies including Stork Fokker Elmo and McKinsey.

Vanderlande Industries designs, implements and services material handling systems. These systems are used in distribution and parcel sorting centres and for baggage handling systems at airports.

The company has been extremely successful over the past ten years and has developed into one of the worldwide leaders in this specialised field.

Vanderlande Industries operates from locations in a number of European countries and in North America, China, India and South Africa. The company is represented by agents in numerous other countries.

The company has 2,000 employees and generates annual revenue of approximately 650 million euros. NPM Capital, which is a 100% subsidiary of SHV, is the main shareholder with a stake of 85% in the company.

Resigning CEO Peter Gerretse on Michiel Peters’ appointment: ‘It is a sign of Vanderlande’s strength that we have been able to appoint the new CEO from within our own ranks. Michiel has an outstanding record of service and I am confident that Vanderlande Industries will continue to develop successfully under his leadership.’

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