The new Resistance Detection System (RDS) is a standard feature on the electric KardexRemstar Kompakt® Mobile Storage System and offers improved safety for personnel and stored items in storage and retrieval operations.

The Kompakt Mobile Storage System consists of new or existing shelving, rack or cabinets mounted to carriages. With a push of a button, the carriages automatically open to provide access to stored items and close to reduce overall storage space by up to 65%. The RDS is a passive safety system that automatically stops carriage movement whenever there is pressure on any moving part of the unit, preventing it from closing on personnel or items.

The RDS is part of the KardexRemstar SafeSpace™ family of protection systems that includes aisle locks, touch bars, mechanical floor level safety, safety beams and other passive and active safety features.

The high density Kompakt Mobile Storage System is available in electric, mechanical assist or manual models and is designed to provide storage for files, books, boxes, multimedia, various equipment, bulk material and a wide range of other items.

KardexRemstar Inc., a company of the Kardex AG Group is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for office, government, institutions and warehouses. For information about the SafeSpace family of protection systems for the KardexRemstar Kompakt Mobile Storage System call 800-639-5805 or visit the KardexRemstar web site at

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